Family Literacy Provides an Effective Response to the U.N. SDGs and Peacebuilding Architecture

  • Denny Taylor
Keywords: U.N. Peacebuilding Architecture, Family literacy, SDGs


This article is grounded in: 1) forty years of successful family literacy initiatives academia; 2) a meta-analysis of these initiatives that has identified connections between the U.N. Peacebuilding Architecture and the global impact of family literacy on peacebuilding and the SDGs. The concept of “family literacy” originates in my 1970s research and is supported by four decades of peer-reviewed family literacy research. The concept is grounded in the recognition that the family is the originating and only organizing principle that all people share, and that all other divisions are secondary.

Author Biography

Denny Taylor

Denny Taylor is a lifelong activist and scholar committed to nurturing the imagination and human spirit. In 1983, Taylor published Family Literacy, which is regarded a classic in the field; Growing Up Literate received the MLA Shaughnessy award in 1988; and Toxic Literacies, published in 1996, was nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. In 2004, Taylor was inducted into the IRA's Reading Hall of Fame. She is professor emeritus of literacy studies at Hofstra University, and the founder and CEO of Garn Press.