Perspectives on Mentoring Novice Teachers


  • Ulrike Greiner Paris Lodron University Salzburg
  • Franz Hofmann Paris Lodron University Salzburg
  • Michaela Katskaller Paris Lodron University Salzburg


Mentoring, student teaching, beginning teacher


Introduction to themed issue, vol 4, No 3 of Global Eduction Review. “Perspectives on Mentoring Novice Teachers,” Beginning teachers are confronted with specific challenges for which intensive internships for students in teacher education cannot prepare novice additional further support. 

Author Biographies

Ulrike Greiner, Paris Lodron University Salzburg

MMag. DDr. Ulrike Greiner is the director of the School of Education at the University of Salzburg and has been engaged in teacher education for 25 years. In 2016 she established a doctorate program focusing on teacher competences at her university, together with a faculty of 20 researchers. Currently she is a member of three research groups concerning "Diversity and school,”  "Epistemological beliefs and deeper learning in teacher education" and "Literary competences of novice teachers."

Franz Hofmann, Paris Lodron University Salzburg

Mag. Dr. Franz Hofmann was born in 1961 and currently works as an Associate Professor at the faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Salzburg and additionally at the School of Education of the University of Salzburg. His focus of research includes classroom research, teacher education and school development. Publications are authored to questions in the field of quality of teaching, teacher education, education standards and scientific methodological questions

Michaela Katskaller, Paris Lodron University Salzburg

Mag. Dr. Michaela Katstaller is a senior scientist at the University of Salzburg. She has just finished her PhD on a quantitative, four-year longitudinal study on students’ experiences of scholastic failure between the age of 11 and 14. Her current research interests are focused on factors influencing teaching choice as well as novice and expert teachers’  classroom management expertise.