Alicia Rodriguez and How Money Matters for Academic Learning

  • Catherine Compton-Lilly University of Wisconsin Madison
Keywords: Education, socioeconomic, African American


Many children living in low-income communities do not face struggles in school. Many learn quickly and easily. But for some students, living in a high poverty communities and attending underfunded schools has consequences that can make learning difficult. In this paper, Compton-Lilly draws on the words of a parent living in a low-income community to explore how economic challenges affected the schooling of her daughter over a ten year period. As the following accounts reveal, Ms. Rodriguez, an African American, low-income parent, was extremely committed to her daughterΓÇÖs learning and school progress. Furthermore, Ms. Rodriguez brought a thoughtful and informed critique to her childrenΓÇÖs school experience that reveals the multiple ways that money affects academic learning.