When the GERM Hosts the Antidote: The Surprising New Birth of Israel's Anti-GERM Pre-K Policy

  • Gadi Bialik Tel Aviv University, School of Education, Israel
  • Noa Shefi Institute for Democratic Education (IDE)
Keywords: GERM, Pre-K Policy, Hybridity, Education Reform


Since the 1970's Israel's educational policy has been going through a change generated by the neo-liberal agenda. In this light, it is not surprising that since the 1990's Israel has adopted the Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) and its main characteristics in its education system. In this light, the current research will focus on a newly born pre-K policy formation process that went on its way characterized as being GERM in nature, but ended up with anti-GERM characteristics. Using historical-narrative qualitative tools, this paper will portray and analyze main factors that generated the new anti-GERMian reform. We will outline conclusions from the Israeli case study to a potential theoretical referential framework that emphasis a more complex, hybrid or dual outlook at the GERM containing its antidote within itself.