The Global Context of Disability

  • Christine O'Rourke-Lang mercy college
  • Roseanne Vallice Levy Mercy College
Keywords: educational policy, inclusion, disabilities


This issue of Global Education Review examines the global context of disability and how in different geographic locations, socioeconomic factors, domestic policy, and disability perspectives impact access to special education services, and the types of resources and interventions available to individuals with diverse learning needs.   Practices in countries including India, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Liberia, and Kenya were studied and implications for meeting the special education needs for children and adults with disabilities and their families are discussed

Author Biographies

Christine O'Rourke-Lang, mercy college

Christine O'Rourke-Lang, PhD, Associate Professor Special Education Department at Mercy College.  

Roseanne Vallice Levy, Mercy College

Roseanne Vallice Levy, PhD,  Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education, Mercy College