John Paul College: The Professional Renewal Journey


  • Pauline Mundie John Paul College, Queensland, Australia
  • Robert Marr John Paul College, Queensland, Australia


education, professional renewal, attestation, exemplary teacher processes


John Paul College, a K-12 School in Queensland, Australia, recognises the centrality of classroom teachers to the ongoing improvement of student outcomes. The College has implemented a multi-tiered Professional Renewal and Assessment Process. These changes of emphasis are the result of significant research and subsequent/associated professional discussion and were supported during the EBA decision-making in 2012.

The Professional Renewal Process at John Paul College guides teachers through a cycle of goal setting (related to any aspect of teacher practice which aims to improve student learning and achievement); ongoing discussion between the teacher and a mentor which determines actions; directed classroom observations (3 per term) and associated pre and post reflection/discussion; leading to application of changed practice toward achieving the criteria of the goals.


The principles of the Professional Renewal program are to:

┬╖ Enhance development along accepted school-wide, team and department goals.

┬╖ Encourage professional pedagogical reflections and conversations with a colleague/mentor.

┬╖ Motivate improved performance and highlight the next steps in a teacherΓÇÖs development.


Through the introduction of Professional Renewal, Attestation and Exemplary Teacher processes, the leadership and teachers of John Paul College have achieved an appropriate and innovative balance between self-directed, peer supported/directed and College-wide, strategic initiatives. Each member of the teaching team, from graduate to senior leaders are actively engaged in personalised programs of professional growth which is specifically aimed at improved learning and outcomes of the CollegeΓÇÖs students.

Author Biographies

Pauline Mundie, John Paul College, Queensland, Australia

Pauline Mundie is Deputy Head of Primary School at John Paul College.

Robert Marr, John Paul College, Queensland, Australia

Robert Marr is Director of Teaching Practice at John Paul College.