Finding Froebel in the environmental and economic climate of the 21st Century


  • Lynn McNair Cowgate Under-5s and University of Edinburgh
  • Teresa Aslanian University of South-Eastern Norway
  • Sacha Powell The Froebel Trust


Froebel, Anthropocene, bildung, nature/nurture, Common Worlds Collective, neoliberal, early childhood education, kindergarten


This editorial for Part 2 of the Special Issue on the pedagogy of Friedrich Froebel situates the articles in the  context of economic pressures and environmental challenges in the Anthropocene. These different positions include environmental concerns, neoliberalism, and the fragility of how methods and curriculum issues can be interpreted, all which took us towards the complexity of life in the Anthropocene. Education Reform Movement. It highlights the contributions made to contemporary research and practice in early childhood education and advancing understanding of a Froebelian approach.