Exploring Paternal Involvement from Greek, Greek - Cypriot and Turkish Fathers’ and Mothers’ Perspectives: Cross-National Differences and Similarities


  • Konstantina Rentzou European University of Cyprus http://orcid.org/0000-0002-0692-7283
  • Mine Gol-Guven Bogazici University, Turkey
  • Alexia Koumarianou European University of Cyprus i
  • Nehir Cabi Zengin Kazım Karabekir Primary School


Father involvement, Role of the fathers, Meta-parenting, Parental style, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey


Although European fatherhood is “in the process of reconstruction and transformation” (O’Brien 2004, as cited in Lero, Ashbourne and Whitehead 2006, 5) and there is a need to create a clear picture about paternal involvement, few studies have explored perceptions on the actual father involvement as well as the factors predicting and relating to father involvement, especially in Southeastern European countries. The present study aims at exploring the role of the father and the types of paternal involvement in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey both from mother’s and fathers’ perspectives. Research results revealed statistically significant differences in terms of the role of the father and the parental styles adopted in a country level and in the way fathers are involved in a parent level. Further, results confirm the hypothesis that father involvement is a multidimensional concept since statistically significant correlations were revealed among scales and subscales.

Author Biographies

Konstantina Rentzou, European University of Cyprus

Dr. Konstantina Rentzou is Scientific Collaborator at the European University of Cyprus and she has participated as a researcher in Greek, Cypriot and EU-funded research projects. She has published 30 papers in peerreviewed journals, a monograph on family engagement in ECEC and a co-authored book on the quality of the physical environment of preschool settings. She is the ACEI Country Liaison in Greece and in Cyprus and the World Forum National Representative for Cyprus. Konstantina also co-leads the international Special Interest Forum “ECEC in EU”. Her research interests are in ECEC quality, parental involvement and parent caregiver relationships, involvement and recruitment of males in ECEC, the organization of the preschool environment and children’s play.

Mine Gol-Guven, Bogazici University, Turkey

Dr. Mine Gol-Guven has participated in many research projects funded by EU and internationally recognized NGOs. She holds a faculty position at Bogazici University since 2006 training ECEC teachers. Her academic and practical work involve supporting adults to promote social-emotional skills in children, to build supportive environments with children, and to develop programs for early childhood settings. Her area of study also consists of adult involvement of children’s play. Dr. Gol-Guven is an active member of international Special Interest Forum “ECEC in EU”. She defines herself as a child friendly researcher who advocates for/with children to communicate, interact and build relationships.

Alexia Koumarianou, European University of Cyprus i

Alexia Koumarianou is a PhD candidate at the European University of Cyprus in Education Sciences. She holds a BA in Pre-school education and MA in Education sciences.

Nehir Cabi Zengin, Kazım Karabekir Primary School

Nehir Cabi (Zengin) is an early childhood educator at Kazım Karabekir Primary School. She holds an MA in primary education from Boğaziçi University. She is a researcher in psychoanalysis project with Prof. Falih Koksal in the Department of Psychology, Bogazici University. She has presented at a Women's Studies Conference in Cyprus. She has worked as an interviewer in Tubitak research project