School Choice in Spain and the United States: A Comparative Study


  • Regina Umpstead Central Michigan University
  • Benjamin Jankens Central Michigan Universiy
  • Pablo Ortega Gil
  • Linda Weiss Central Michigan University
  • Bruce Umpstead


school choice, charter schools


This article explores issues of school choice in Spain and the United States by examining the roles and functions of centros concertados, publicly funded private schools in Spain, and public charter schools in the United States, to provide key insights into the similarities and differences between them in relation to their motivations and methods for their creation, funding, and the importance of ideology in general and religion in particular in the schools. After making a national comparison, this work looks more specifically at a comparison of two regions ΓÇô Valencia, Spain and Michigan, USA. It concludes with a discussion about the applicability of the school choice theoretical framework to both educational systems.

Author Biographies

Regina Umpstead, Central Michigan University

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

Benjamin Jankens, Central Michigan Universiy

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

Linda Weiss, Central Michigan University

Graduate Student in Department of Educational Leadership