Call for Papers: Bridging the gap between theory and practice


With the help of a special thematic issue, “Bridging the gap between theory and practice,” our current objective is to obtain a global perspective on design-based-research projects to explore how effective the collaboration of researchers and practitioners can be in order to encourage other researchers to start DBR research projects. With the intent to not only illustrate a bigger picture of what is possible, but also desirable, we welcome descriptions of DBR projects, their findings and their experiences. Furthermore, research projects focusing on bridging the gap between theory and practice with other research methods than DBR are also welcomed in this thematic issue. The overall aim is to highlight possibilities for researchers to strengthen collaboration with practitioners in order to develop meaningful interventions for educational settings. Therefore, submissions may present projects, entailing both the conceptualization and evaluation of educational programs, concerning the following aspects:

  • Description of the different stages of in-field research.
  • Experiences with DBR or other practitioners-involved projects (e.g. potential problems that can occur, evaluations of the participants in the DBR projects, …).
  • Empirical and practical findings of those projects.
  • Institutional anchoring of in-field research (e.g. with DBR) in teacher education.
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Vol. 10 No. 1-2 (2023): Words in Motion: Adapting, Translating and Transposing of Pedagogies, Part I
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