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Pace, Christi L, Georgia State University
Pang, Myoung Eun, Georgia State University
Park, Jinhee, Michigan State University
Parker, Susan W, Innovations for Poverty Action
Patry, Jean-Luc
Patterson, Philip P., University of Alaska Fairbanks
Perry, Lindsey, Southern Methodist University
Perry, Lindsey, Southen Methodist univeristy
Petrová, Zuzana, Trnava University, Faculty of Education
Pinto Zipp, PT, EdD, Genevieve, Professor, Department of Interprofessional Health Sciences & Health Administration Director, Center for Interprofessional Education in Health SciencesSeton Hall University, School of Health and Medical Sciences 400 South Orange Ave, South Orange NJ 070
Piper, Benjamin, RTI International
Platas, Linda M., San Francisco State University
Podzimek, Kimberly, University of Maryland College Park
Posamentier, Alfred S., Mercy College, New York
Präauer, Viktoria
Pressley, Jennifer, RTI International
Purcell-Gates, Victoria, University of British Columbia
Pursel, Barton, The Pennsylvania State University

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